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Sophie Angel

I was recently commissioned to paint a pet portrait of a beautiful dog that crossed the rainbow bridge. I had seen this beauty on Facebook from the time she was first adopted and absolutely fell in love with her! She had such personality, energy and love. And let's not forget about her beauty...with one blue and one brown eye. She had the ability to express herself and I loved watching her journey on social media. I was devastate for her owner when it was time to end her pain. It's ironic that ending our pet's pain results in so much pain for ourselves. While we are grateful that they no longer suffer, we now suffer to live a life without them. I feel so honored that her owner trusted me with this special painting. While it was near completion, I was creating a background wash, but then realized that it looked more like angel wings...and knew I had to keep it that way. This instantly became one of my favorite paintings and is a good example of how unintentional painting is sometimes the best.

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