Blushing Willow Design Co. Relaunch!!

Welcome to Blushing Willow Design Co!! This website is a relaunch of the original site. It was time to update our site, provide FREE shipping for all purchases, and make our site as user-friendly as possible.

As an artist, I love to create, whether it's watercolor, digital art, mixed media, etc. Over many years, as I have painted the most precious watercolor portraits and paintings that are near and dear to my heart. Each portrait is created with the client in mind, doing my best to evoke sentiment, emotion, joy and just about every other emotion you can think of. Other paintings are simply whimsical and fun. While I often want to keep my creations after the heart and soul and hard work that has gone into them, I also want each piece to go to a good home with someone that will appreciate the piece and have a personal connection to it.

Whether it's a custom portrait, or painting, or textiles created with original designs, I hope you enjoy your visit to our site. Please feel free to reach out with questions or special requests.

Welcome to Blushing Willow Design Co!!

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